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Mosaic Mind Pictures was founded to produce feature-length films that focus on the art and craft of compelling storytelling. From our inception we have stayed true to that vision, working with numerous professionals in the film industry that share that passion with us. We also enjoy collaborating with other filmmakers who are looking for that same spectacle in their work. We look to produce and assist in films and stories that challenge their audience; films that pull people in with striking visuals and surround them with character-driven plots, leaving them with an appreciation for what it means to be alive. We are always interested in collaboration – if you have a film that fits these parameters, get in contact with us and give us a pitch. Because we have gone through the entire process of concept to distribution for our projects, we have a good understanding of the industry and how to approach it. Each film has its own vision and approach; and not every project requires the same approach.


Creative services that we provide:


  • Editing

  • Directing

  • Story-Analysis and Script supervision

  • Producing (if you have a film you’d like to pitch, contact us)

  • On-location Sound (Boom Operator)

  • VisFX, Compositing, and Animation

  • Rental of Independent Film Gear


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