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L E G A L   V I D E O G R A P H Y



At Mosaic Mind Pictures, we are proud to provide professional, fast, and efficient legal videography services.


We have worked with Law Firms and Court Reporting Services throughout the province, providing examination videography, personal injury documentation, trail-ready video formats, and specialized legal video services. We have worked with numerous firms and court reporters across southern Ontario. Whether it is at a court reporting office, at your firm, the courthouse, or at a client's location, our team can set up and provide the discreet and professional legal video services that each situation requires.


We have worked with Ontario Court of Justice throughout the province, giving us the knowledge and know-how for today's court requirements. 


We pride ourselves on lightning-fast turnaround times, ensuring that any time-sensitive issue can be recorded and provided for any meeting or court date.


Our team have also been involved in high-profile cases, working with legal firms on cases that have received significant media attention. As such, we understand the need for confidentiality is crucial in some cases, and are experienced in those scenarios.


If your firm or clients have a need for examination or legal videography, get in contact with us via our contact info or fill out or form below, and we will get back to you quickly!

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